Dr. Barry Boyd

Oncologist, Hematologist, & Pioneer in Integrative Medicine

Understanding Cancer and Forms of Treatment


Dr. Boyd focuses on the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on cancer survival and overall well being. He also points to the metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer and the role of insulin/IGF systems on the origins and outcomes of cancer.

He speaks all over the country on the common misperceptions about cancer and nutrition, the role of “energy balance” on cancer risk and survival and the possible influence of blood glucose, insulin, and individual metabolism.


In his presentations, Dr. Boyd explains how the changing nutritional environment of the late 20th and 21st century, through both diet and lifestyle changes, have contributed to the epidemic of modern western cancers such as breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer, and how the prenatal and early postnatal influences of the insulin/IGF system may be important mediators of this effect. Further Dr. Boyd talks about the critical impact of calorie balance throughout life and its role in enhanced tumor promotion.


Dr. Boyd researches the evidence for the adverse effect of insulin and hyperglycemia in the metabolic syndrome as well as type II diabetes mellitus on cancer risk and prognosis. He connects the dots with respect to the growing evidence for the targeting of this critical pathway through diet and lifestyle, as well as the use of non-cancer therapeutics as an important adjunct to conventional care.


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Dr. Boyd's Mission


Along with conventional medicine, Dr. Boyd provides a cancer recovery plan for patients, which includes practical advice on nutrition and exercise plans along with stress management techniques to add hope and empowerment to maximize cancer treatment.

Dr. Boyd’s aim is to build awareness of the relationship between metabolic syndromes and cancer – and to help patients become more informed about how nutrition affects health and disease. By becoming more empowered, patients can then take a more active role in their future well being.


Dr. Boyd’s mission it to help naturopaths, RDA-trained dietitians, herbalists, and complementary practitioners to learn more about integrative medicine and help them incorporate change in their nutrition recommendations and care with a more science-based view.

Dr. Boyd would like to see cancer nutrition experts communicate more effectively with consumers and give them the information and tools they need to assist in cancer recovery.